Learn to increase your social quotient by banking on a free Mini-Summit on Business Etiquette.  You will receive five weekly sessions in the nuances of persuasion, image perception and social skills and their impact for your success.

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Corporate Training

I’d like you to begin allowing yourself to think of the possibilities if you could master these 7 skills.

  1. How to stand and sit with status, to ensure people will like and believe your message.
  2. How to make minor alterations in your appearance for positive image perception.
  3. How to identify the driving motives and needs of your clients or customers and to build rapport.
  4. How to use specific language that yields amazing results for gaining compliance.
  5. How to decipher a handshake and determine the other person’s feelings about you.
  6. How to accurately interpret and make impressive eye contact.  Do you know how to look and send the right message with your eyes to make yourself appear more attractive to people?
  7. How to use the most powerful nonverbal process of spatial anchoring that you can use on an audience to entice them psychologically to buy your message or product?

One of the things that I’d like you to discover at The Protocol Praxis, LLC., is that the programs are for anyone who wishes to differentiate oneself from your competitors or others because business etiquette acumen is a differentiating asset of tremendous value that can increase not only the talent level of your employees but increase your “bottom-line.”

So now’s the time for any

  • New Executives not yet acclimated to handle premier clients
  • Middle managers climbing the success ladder
  • Directors or Liaisons that represent you during business and social events
  • All front-line personnel:  They are your first line of impression
  • New Hires:  Don’t wait for that fatal faux pas to tune your social skills
  • Management or supervisory positions wishing to close that hard sell
  • High-profile employees and executives in need of a fine-tune of soft skills
  • Executive Spouse, a mirror-image of refinement
  • Executive Children to adroitly represent their parents in a social setting
  • Everyone who wishes to garner business success and personal finesse

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41 Ways to Develop Your Personal Charisma to Gain Respect and Influence Others  

The Ins and Outs of Interpersonal Communication

  • 5 unbreakable laws of listening
  • Simple guidelines for interacting with difficult coworkers or customers
  • The secret to speaking assertively while saying less
  • Common communication etiquette do’s and don’ts
  • Body language cues you can use to consistently project a calm and collected demeanor
  • What message are you sending? Using nonverbal communication to encourage positive responses from others
  • The “silent strategy”: How to use it and encourage the sharing of information
  • Give your ears a tune-up: Use this listening checklist to project a more charismatic image
  • How to apply artful persuasion techniques to win people to your way of thinking
  • How to avoid the 7 deadly sins guaranteed to kill your message
  • 8 tips for becoming a captivating voice for your company over the phone
  • Speaking with a smile in your voice to turn demanding callers into lifelong advocates for your organization
  • 7 magic words you must etch into your daily vocabulary to foster dignity, respect and power
  • 5 quick tips for turning every e-mail into a powerful communication tool

Timeless Principles of Leadership

  • How to apply your walk, your talk and your attitude to make yourself memorable to your boss and other higher-ups
  • Learn how use written requests to get time with your boss
  • How to win loyalty from others … with more than your charm
  • Tips for resolving conflict quickly (before it dampens your energy)
  • The dynamics of confrontation: Learn the language of winners
  • The secret to presenting a self-image that is courageous, fearless and bold
  • How to develop a healthy self-esteem and become a people magnet
  • A 10-step journey to better communication in a leadership role
  • Stick to what you say: Keeping the commitments that matter
  • Maximize your success in life: Discovering your personal communication power

Building Robust Relationships for Success

  • Networking etiquette vs. protocol: Using polished communication to create successful relationships
  • On-the-spot rapport builders you can use to reignite business acquaintances and old friends
  • How to work a room with prestige and authority
  • How to always offer a handshake that conveys power and conviction
  • Using proven networking techniques to deliver an unforgettable first impression
  • How to handle name lapses gracefully and reconnect without skipping a beat
  • 10 surefire ways to stand out in a crowd
  • Projecting your professional image: How to show off your style at your next business function
  • How to convey strength, courage and confidence when meeting people face to face

Managing Meetings With Style

  • How to be assertive and respected in meetings
  • The key to understanding your audience and how to reach them
  • Overcome stage fright: Turning fear into enthusiasm
  • How to deflect a personal attack with grace
  • The top 10 words you must avoid when presenting to a group
  • 9 pivotal steps to reduce stress before making a presentation
  • How keen is your self-preparation and how can it affect your success? Find out here
  • How to keep your “game face” on in a long meeting and always transmit energy

Networking to Increase Your Net Worth

What is your mingle-ability worth?

Networking is a valuable and critical tool in making business contacts, employment opportunities and other career advantages, however, for some it is an intimidating concept to walk into a room as a stranger with the task at hand  in making meeting new people and making contacts.  The Stanford Business School Advisory Committee asserts that self awareness is the key attribute that leaders should develop – Besides learning tactics for successful networking; you will discover your emotional and social intelligence.  Yourself awareness is the key to attracting and understanding an effective network for you. The more you develop yourself by using the following strategies, the more you begin to attract the right type of people into your network to increase your net worth.

  • Name Tag Protocol  Right Arm-Right Brain
  • The “10” Questions List to Conversation Skills
  • 5 Keys  To Remember Names and how to save face when you forget
  • How to sound Highly Cultured
  • Tricks on How to meet people you want to meet
  • How to set-up for a second contact
  • How to work a room like a Politician
  • How to enter a room with authority
  • The best spot  in a room to meet people
  • Keys to handling cocktail foods and networking
  • Seating strategy
  • When to Give or Avoid Hugs and “Air-Kisses”
  • Determining social network value for you
  • The gift of exchanging resources


A  Shoe-up the Corporate Ladder

US Census Bureau, Survey of Business Owner’s(SBO) in 2002, data found women owned 6.5 million nonfarm U.S. businesses in 2002, employing 7.1 million persons and generating $939.5 billion in business revenues, yet this does not account for all of the women working.  This has changed the face of business and engendered etiquette in the workplace calling for new rules for both men and women.

This program uproots the old myths and philosophies of the “Boy’s Club” and gives women the opportunity and the secrets to use your heels to climb the corporate ladder of success with grace and finesse.  Feel comfortable in the shoes of being a leader and or a team player by learning how to interact confidently, communicate effectively and parlay your power and female persuasion in the workplace.

Some of the topics presented are:

  • How to  effectively look, interpret and send the right message with your eyes
  • How to boost the male self-esteem with your cell-phone
  • How the phone can reveal who the boss is in a relationship
  • How to make your e-mail memorable as a boss, to your boss & others
  • How to avoid “Big Cats” thinking you are common place
  • Two words that can destroy your credibility
  • Dressing for the role:  21 tips for positive image perception
  • How perfume or cologne can affect your sales
  • Specific words and phrases that yield amazing results in gaining compliance


Building bridges not fences

Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, one should strive to find information about others’ culture, and try to understand different attitudes or cultural ways of thinking.  Widen your horizons by gaining an expansion of your communication skills for global business and personal relationships.  You know from prior personal experience that it is easy to make a faux pas, but sometimes impossible to correct.  COMMUNICATION – THE UNIVERSAL EQUALIZER!!!

To query our communication skills: Do you know the following before visiting a country’s customs?

  • What manner of greeting is the acceptable
  • The specific rules and traditions of dining from country to country
  • The times of the day that business is conducted (open, close, & lunch)
  • The appropriate physical, touch and eye-contact for each country or region?
  • The correct exchange of business cards?
  • Can a color or wrapping paper or even a gift be an insult or threat?
  • The appropriate code of dress

Are you CULTURALLY aware?  If not, do not be that rude “American” abroad!



Continental or Zig-Zag, Your boss will brag!

Currently, recruiters and human resource directors are using new techniques and tactics such as behavioral interviewing to weed out successful candidates employing behavioral interviewing to test not only ability but their soft skills.  Additionally according to a survey conducted by an independent research firm, 49 percent of chief financial officers confirmed that their most successful business meetings, outside the office, were conducted in a dining atmosphere. Furthermore, clients and customers admit that a person’s table manners (or lack thereof) may be a deciding factor in securing a signed contract.

This program demonstrates how to polish your dinner and formal party protocol to adroitly overcome anxiety while dining with potential employers or clients. In keeping with our praxis, a formal dining experience is provided to our students.

Topics include:

  • Amazing Formal Business Entertaining
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Navigating the Place Setting
  • Nonverbal Communication at the Table
  • Appropriate Dining subjects
  • Handling Accidents adroitly
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • Seating Etiquette
  • Maneuvering difficult foods
  • The Language of Toasting
  • Wine Etiquette
  • To Insure Proper Service (TIPS)
  • American and Continental Styles of Dining

The Elegance and Power of a Thank-You

After the 7 seconds to make a lasting impression

The first impressions are over in 7 seconds. What is your next step in nurturing a new business acquaintance or maintaining an old friendship?  Acknowledging and showing appreciation for others is one of the highest expressions of respect and courtesy and the best way to communicate your interest in others. In this program, you’ll learn how to embark on that first step and make friends first then build business relationships by creatively communicating with potential employers, clients and colleagues. Learn ways to be remembered by sending unique notes, articles, e-mails and gifts.

Topics include:

  • The Art of the Handwritten Note
  • Your signature is their name
  • How to make people smile when they see your e-mail message
  • How to make your e-mail sound confident
  • The “Inappropriateness” of an E-mail
  • The Timing of Gift-Giving
  • How to win their “hearts” a year later
  • The Art of Selecting the Perfect Gift
  • The Pitfalls of Culture in Gift Selection
  • Unique Delivery

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