Learn to increase your social quotient by banking on a free Mini-Summit on Business Etiquette.  You will receive five weekly sessions in the nuances of persuasion, image perception and social skills and their impact for your success.

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offers an executive or an individual a unique opportunity to garner personal and business success through a unique program–”Avant-Garde” Etiquette. The Protocol Praxis has crafted the art of business and personal finesse with the valid applications of psychology and science.

“Avant-Garde Etiquette” is on the cutting-edge of science and social applications.  You are no longer stuck in the quagmire of out-dated rules for etiquette and protocol.

BE PREPARED!  This is not your Grandmother’s rules of etiquette but a journey to success.

Our premise is based on statistics that one’s behavior and manners are firmly rooted in forms of verbal and non-verbal communication.  Since manners are 80% communication and 20% kindness, a unique approach to etiquette was conceptualized.

Life as in business is fluid and is in constant flux. The capacity to engineer your success depends upon your social intelligence quotient.  The tenants and the application of Paralanguage listening—the utilizing your six senses and beyond, and the science of silent communication such as Oculesic (eye behavior), Isopraxism (mirroring), Proxemics (space) and Haptics (touch) supply you with an arsenal of skills that promotes positive persuasive communication and successful compliance.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help. You may contact us either 985.974.0947 or

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2006 and had been responsible for providing outstanding training in the field of etiquette and protocol ever since. Our specialty is in the arena of psychology and etiquette. Our regular customers particularly value the unique opportunity to understand the “why” and “value” of etiquette in both the corporate and everyday world. Our business is located at 8 Fairway View Court, Hammond, Louisiana 70401. However, due to the extensive nature of our business, we provide our clients with on-site training.





Suzanne Zazulak Pedro, Founder and CEO of The Protocol Praxis, LLC, is an expert facilitator, speaker and co-author of Executive Etiquette Power , Incredible Business and The Power of Civility.  As a graduate of Loyola Univeristy and Certified by  The American School of Protocol, she has crafted her academic qualifications in psychology and her certifications in professional executive coaching and corporate etiquette into a cutting-edge approach called ADVANT GARDE” Etiquette, which powers psychological tenets with protocol.

Suzanne blasts past the bare knuckles of etiquette and gives unique insight into human nature for business success and personal finesse. This is not your Grandmother’s rules of manners!

Her talent in physiognomy, Mien Xiang (ancient art of face reading) and the ability to discern facial emotions in 1/25 of a second gives her clients the inside edge of human emotions in persuasion and influence.  She also incorporates image perception and paralanguage listening with etiquette as a cutting edge tool in the arsenal of empowerment for the mastery of soft life-skills that are necessary today to play hard “ball” for success in our economic climate.

In addition to serving as Chief Officer of Protocol for her city, she has formed a non-profit organization, BeePoised, and acts as counselor and advocate for women and children.

Suzanne’s some of the professional memberships include The International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professional, Cambridge’s Who’s Who Among Entrepreneurs’ and National Writers Union.  She is engaged in completing her Masters in Contemporary Diplomacy.


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