Learn to increase your social quotient by banking on a free Mini-Summit on Business Etiquette.  You will receive five weekly sessions in the nuances of persuasion, image perception and social skills and their impact for your success.

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Executive Coaching

A respected behavior shaping and image perception specialist, Suzanne can help you identify important behaviors  and beliefs that may be affecting your personal and professional growth. By understanding the actual root cause of these behaviors, deep patterned habits can be replaced with new, more effective and successful ones.

She combines a combination of performance coaching and some cutting-edge psychological applications to help set the foundation for developing leadership, power and influence because almost everything you want in life requires you to get help or cooperation from other people.

Many people achieve their influence objectives only at the expense of important relationships. Others habitually avoid challenging influence situations, at the expense of fulfilling their work goals. Break FREE of routine, “go-no-where” setbacks and DISCOVER the different ways you look, think, movements, what you wear and how you smell can unconsciously affect how other people treat you.  Learn how to change and influence the way someone looks at something, so you can ALTER how they feel about the very SAME thing. Let me be your performance trainer and devise a winning plan to streamline strategy and operations so you, the executive are able to manage more with ever less.

INFLUENCE matters when we need to…

  • Effectively communicate your desires
  • Motivate “difficult” or non-performing clients, customers or employees
  • Easily promote change in people’s thinking
  • Translate influence into compliance
  • Persuade others though rapid change or uncertainty
  • Lead others to mobilize resources to get jobs done
  • Become a more persuasive team leader




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